A new partner in Bandit a bi blue male really a good producer of color.  Nice disposition likes to play very active.  His offspring would make great agility dogs quick as can be.  Sue Ecklund owns Bandit as he and Cooper did not get along but he remains open to breedings from Campsundown Shelties so we have blue merel puppies now. 

He loved his agility trials and the judges loved him.  He had to be measured 3 times as  judges have to agree on height so at first they didn't agree so the 3rd judge put him on the table and took a long time.  She said this is the nicest dog I ever had on the table!!!  Yeah Cooper.

After bout 6 rides in the arena Nettie goes down the trail with cars, trucks and barking dogs.  Not any problem for this 2 yr old filly.  amazing by Sun Dun Zippo Lynn Travis's stallion now standing at Halls Quarterhorses.com
Flash, a new addition to the girls is pictured below, don't miss it she is beautiful. 
Had to insert this somewhere.  on the left is Nettie 2 ys and a couple of months old.  Carmen rode her on the first trail ride.  Of course she is with her side kick Isabelle so she is happy to go.  there was a dog chasing us by the chain link fence on the right.  None of the horses are affected with this. 

 Cooper here with two of his wins.  What a wonderful dog he was.  over the rainbow bridge...