Shelties From The Past
Can you see the date on this Polaroid?  1958... My date to graduate from High School.  This is Shagg my first Sheltie.  He was amazing and a friend and companion for several years.  Adored him.  
Of all my dogs and I have had a few, the Shelties stand out.  I am now 75 and my dogs are my life.  constantly amazing me with their ability to know what to do before I ask them. 
Another amazing dog for us at the old farm was Xena the warrior princess.  shown here young.  We had bells on the gates at the old farm and baby monitor on chicken coop.  When Xena entered the coop to check for varmints at night we heard her and Sissy the dalmatian heard if there was a predator involved and we got up to deal with it.  Usually raccoons but sometimes coyote. 
This was Sissy the most amazing Dalmatian I knew.  She would attack the rear of the raccoon and leave the front to Xena.  Both dogs came to Campsundown farm for awhile but old age took them both.  Such Loyal dogs and the shelties got in the act of varmints will show later. 
 Shown here is Sissy after a fight with a raccoon at the old farm.  We had to bath her every time after.  This was at about 2:00am in the morning..Because of these two dogs and the shelties we don't loose many fowl to predators.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart.