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At Camp Sundown Shelties
My heart dog Cooper... He has meant so much to me.  We learned Agility together won his novice title then my husband got cancer so we had to quit.  Cooper is over the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me... Little loved one it won't be so very long before I join you and many others I have Loved. 
This is the night "Wynett" was born July 22 2011.  She is now 2 years old in June 2013...  She is probably the last baby horse I will have.  I used to breed AQHA horses and Appaloosas and she is an appaloosa red dun in color and sired by Lynn Travis's Stallion "Sun Dun Zippo".  The mare is zippo pine bred also and our favorite horse here on the farm.
She would baby sit any ride . I also have a love for horses and all animals as I have dairy goats and fowl too.  several bunnys.. 
the Name Wynett is indian for pretty.  Haven't gotten around to a registered name yet.  Something like Zip to Wynett! 
 Shelties are excellent herders.  I don't know how I would survive without their constant help here at CAmpsundown Farm.  I have goats That are way to strong for me to pen up.  The shelties are ready for work anytime I call on them. 
Horses are my other passion I try to ride every day but recently have been to busy. to enjoy them . pictured here is Nettie all grown up.  One year old.  
The animals here have jobs to do here my gelding Moe is bringing in two Christmas trees for our place.  what a horse, one in a million. 
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 Pete playing as a baby... so cute!!

Here at Campsundown we selectivly breed shelties, we are not a puppy mill.  The dogs all 10 of them are in and out at their own will.  there is a doggie door for them to go as they please.  All have manners and are trained....