Welcome to Camp Sundown!

This is lovely Camp Sundown Road - getting  here is half the fun, You will be driving thru historic and beautiful scenic  forest.... It is actually one mile on a dirt road to "Sheltie Heaven" as we like to call it. You will be greeted by the pack at the gate. Come and visit anytime. 1241 Campsundown Rd N W Bremerton, WA......Linda
Camp Sundown

Until one has loved A Sheltie, part of their soul remains unawakened

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Bella loved the wood stove in winter she and Cooper wait for me at the Golden Gates.  Miss them so....
Penninsulvania Pete makes history with his new puppies.  All have striking markings and mostly boys.  He is so sweet and loving.  he puts lots of white on his puppies.  

Molly's current litter for 2017.  such a good mom.  all are sold just waiting to be old enough....
Washington.  Its like sheltie heaven here with acres and acres to run.  Some herding to do also
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When Pete was a baby.  so cute now putting gobs of white on his puppies..

this was last year 2016 
Here in Sheltie heaven we try to breed temperament and size to be mostly under 14 inches.  They have lots of room to run and play going with me for chores around the 10 acre farm.  We inspect piggys check out the chickens and go feed the horses where the goats stay.  
beautiful Molly...Her first 9 mo old ..Lassie!